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A young design studio, passionate about interior design. We’ve used our passion to create their image.

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Client's opinion

We value the work of the Hitmo team mostly for their efforts to appreciate the client’s needs and to understand the nature of the project. They are very concerned about developing solutions suitable for specific demands. The design which has been created for us only confirms this opinion. I recommend Hitmo to all who wish to receive great value and unconventional solutions.

NanaForm Team


NanaForm is an interior design studio. In addition to its standard offer, it also specializes in designing interiors for children.

Our job was to design the visual identification as well as the website which would present the NanaForm’s offer in an interesting and unconventional way.


Project assumptions

The main objective and challenge for us was creating a unique and visually appealing graphic design to match the high quality designs of NanaForm.
One of the characteristic elements was to distinguish graphically the NanaKids part of the website with a separate graphic design.
Additionally, the project included designing a blog with news from the word of design and Applied Arts.
The project was developed with the use of our original CMS system and the Wordpress blog software.

Main Functionalities

  • blog integration
  • creating a Wordpress theme that matches the website design and customizing Wordpress to client demands
  • visual identification, logo, business card design

Scope of work

  • corporate identity
  • design
  • author CMS
  • html 5 / css
  • wordpress