The fastest PR on the web.

We’ve created visual identification and a website for a PR agency which offers interesting solutions towards quick and efficient online services.

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Client's opinion

The cooperation with Hitmo was a positive and constructive experience. Throughout the projects realization, they demonstrated excellent understanding of our needs. I strongly recommend cooperation with Hitmo.

Karolina Janik - Managing Director


FastPr is a website that allows you to quickly order PR services online. The whole process of placing orders and communicating with clients is done via the web tools implemented in the website.

Our main objective was to create visual identification and a website. It also involved developing and implementing mechanisms necessary for order of services and exchange of information with web users.


Project assumptions

The main objective was to allow the user to order a PR service quickly and easily. We’ve achieved that by creating a system, which was designed to lead the user by the hand, starting from service selection, through information exchange, to fast on-line payments.
It was also necessary to create tools for publishing news, articles, as well as providing solutions for auto promotion on the website.
The webpage as a whole attracts the eye with its inviting and cheerful design, and the use of characteristic visual elements.
Also, some illustrations (key-visuals) as well as video presentations have been created for promotional reasons.

Main Functionalities

  • managing users, correspondence with clients via cms, correspondence history, user export
  • managing user services, correspondence with clients about particular services, correspondence history
  • attaching files and invoices to a service
  • managing status of services
  • integration with the payment system
  • the list and history of on-line transactions
  • managing message and notification templates
  • managing subsites, news, partners, clients, press releases and client opinions
  • managing the contents of forms
  • promotional video

Scope of work

  • corporate identity
  • design
  • author CMS
  • html 5 / css
  • promotional video




Democamp startups 2010 finalist

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