Tasty way,
healthy way

The philosophy of BIOWAY is to meet the demands of the clients who are careful about what and how they eat. We’ve secured BIOWAY’s healthy position on the Internet.

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Client's opinion

I am satisfied with the cooperation with Hitmo, in terms of their professionalism during project realization, as well as the end result. The system that you provided for exchanging the correspondence and the working versions of the project has proven really useful. Also, so far I have not noticed any major faults in the submitted design. I wish to thank you once more for your cooperation.

Przemysław Ciernioch - the owner


Bioway is a chain of restaurants with healthy vegetarian and vegan food. Their mission is to promote a healthy lifestyle and develop pro-ecological attitudes.

Our mission was to create a website that would encourage people to change their eating habits, while promoting the Bioway brand at the same time.


Project assumptions

The main objective of this project was to establish a system for presenting the offer, as well as the tools useful in contacting the potential and the existing franchisees, and the software solutions for effective recruitment process.
Another key element was to present a wide range of the restaurants’ facilities, as well as emphasizing the friendly character of the place as the perfect location for family gatherings.
The project was based on our original CMS system.

Main Functionalities

  • managing the home page slider
  • the preview and statistics of the customer survey in the admin panel
  • sending the franchisee survey and the applications from the “Career” section to admin’s e-mail address
  • creating and managing franchisee accounts
  • managing materials for franchisees
  • managing news, galleries, downloads and media content
  • managing the dishes and recipes
  • managing the bars and text pages
  • newsletter

Scope of work

  • design
  • author CMS
  • html 5 / css