Find out how to join in cooperation with us, who we are, and how we work. Learn about all project realization stages and check at what point your involvement is necessary. The following topics may be useful in finding the answers to your questions.

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How to join in cooperation with us?

It’s simple! Share your ideas with us.

You can do it using the contact form available on our website, or directly via e-mail or Skype. You will find all the necessary information in the Contact section.
Let’s talk about your project.

  • Send the materials

    When writing to us try to give us as much information about the project as possibile. It will allow us to provide a faster and more accurate answer to your enquiry. If you are in possession of any documentation such as specification or brief, please include them in your message.

  • Download brief template

    If you don’t know how to formulate a brief (containing the information about your project), download a brief template and fill it in. In answering the questions that it contains, you will provide us with all the essential information.

See also what we can offer you, or take a look at some of our previous web design projects. If there’s anything that you need that’s not included in our offer, please let us know. We are flexible and we can certainly offer you the right solutions.

How we estimate the cost of the projects?

Every project is unique. That’s why each project is priced individually.

To estimate the cost of work well, we need to know detailed information about your project.

In most of our project we need the following information:

  • General description of the project – a brief (download a brief template now)
  • The functional elements of the website (e.g. news, photo and video galleries, shopping cart, e-commerce elements, user account management, etc.)
  • How many and what languages will the website be launched in? Will new languages be added in the near future? Which ones?
  • Should the website be based on CMS – content management system?
  • Which elements of the website should be managed by CMS? A good solution is to manage these website elements that are frequently updated. Less frequently updated elements can be omitted. The number of elements managed by CMS is one of the factors affecting the project’s cost estimation.
  • What is the estimated number of unique subpages?
  • Is the commissioned project going to include a logotype design? Do you also wish to include some other elements of visual identification? Which ones?

In case of PSD2HTML projects we need the following data:

  • number of pages
  • visual look (screenshots .jpg or .png), or website wireframes
  • information about where and how Javascript is to be used (sliders, tabs, accordions, other standard or non-standard ones)
  • all the other information that you find important and that we should take into consideration

Approximate estimation is available on the contact page after selecting “Only psd2html” option in the “Scope of work” section.

Why we need to know your budget?

First of all, clear information about the budget allows us to save both sides the time. Knowing what your scope of funds is, we can offer you the right solutions tailored to your budget. Right from the start you will learn whether the selected functionalities will fit in the budget plan.

If you don’t want to or aren’t able to give us your budget plan, or if you don’t know it yet, we will estimate the cost of your project on the basis of the supplied information.

Project realization stages, design process and support

Most of our projects are divided into several interrelated steps.

First, we establish the structure, the number of steps and the web content, in order to prepare a preliminary cost estimation. Active participation by the client is an essential element in the initial findings stage.


  • We prepare a technical specification on the basis of the combined findings
  • We sign a contract containing final estimation of the cost, the deadlines and the scope of work.
  • We create the mockups, which are based on our initial findings.
  • We refine the layout and web elements placement.
  • We start working on the programming and the graphics based on of the mockups.
  • We present the administration panel
  • We introduce the homepage design
  • We continue the design of the remaining subsites
  • We present the fragmented templates of the homepage and the subsites as an overview of the final shape and operation of the website. We are almost approaching the finish line.
  • We deploy the website’s beta version on our test server
  • We install the website on the target server (the client’s server)

The order and number of steps may vary slightly based on the project’s size, the arrangement or its specifications.

We accept minor deviations from specifications in favour of our clients in every stage of the project. For major changes in specifications, we charge an additional fee depending on the magnitude of changes.
We charge a deposit of 40% of the project total. The second payment (of 60% of the project total) is charged after completion of the project.

The payments can also be divided into particular stages of the project – e.g. a deposit, the graphics, programming. This option is possible in case of large projects.


You can rely on us in every phase of your project, and after its completion.
We will guide you, advise you, help you select the optimal technology – all that is necessary for the design to make you proud and to bring many benefits to your business.

We enjoy watching your business develop. We are always prepared to expand or adjust your project so that it’s always ahead of the competition.

We will gladly participate in developing your website/application by personalizing it according to the latest demands and the specifics of your business.

Technologies and standards

We create our projects based on the latest web standards.

This allows for reaching maximum number of potential clients. We always remember about the needs of the disabled and SEO optimization.

html5, css3, jquery

they allow to provide the latest solutions – useful, visually attractive, eye-catching and memorable.

CodeIgniter 2, Smarty 3

We’ve build our original CMS based on these solutions. They are widely popular and easily developed. We are particularly experienced in designing multilingual applications.


An indispensable and renowned worldwide blog platform (it also makes for a great CMS or e-commerce application). We are experienced in creating new visual looks (creating “skins”) and tailoring Wordpress to fulfill your needs in the best possible way.

Presta Shop

Fast, intuitive panel with wide possibilities of configuration and development - this widely known open source application is perfectly suitable for your merchandise platform.

Our projects are tested using the most popular browsers (IE7+, Firefox, Chrome, Opera Safari) on PC and MAC computers and popular mobile devices such as IPhone4 and iPad2.

Our finalized projects look as good as in the development stage in all new web browsers. In case of older devices and browsers they do not present any navigational problems and are still visually attractive. The more supported devices the higher the chance of reaching the customers. If you wish to further increase the number of potential clients we will provide designs based on responsive design and typical light versions for mobiles and smartphones.

What we expect from you?

We expect your involvement in terms of efficient communication in every stage of the project.

We also expect you to share your knowledge and any type of information that may prove useful in understanding the essence of your business as well as the desired objective.

  • Informing us about your doubts and ideas and enquiring about anything that seems unclear or incomprehensible.
  • Determining as many details as possible in the preliminary discussions stage, while preparing specifications. Major changes introduced during the design process will result in prolonging the total realization time as well as increasing the execution costs.
  • Delivering the materials on time and informing us about possible delays in advance.
  • Trusting us on our skills and expertise. The logo doesn’t necessarily have to be the size of an elephant… Pink isn’t always the right colour. Less is often more… When putting your knowledge about your business in our hands, leave us the freedom to deal with those elements of the project that we know more about.
  • Acknowledging that the design is being created for your clients, and, therefore, it is a matter of their aesthetic impressions that we need to consider in the first place.

What we believe in?

"We don't make websites to make money. We make money, to make better websites."

We believe that visually refined realization is the stepping stone towards the project’s completion. Still, we know that’s just one part of the recipe for success. That’s why we are equally concerned about implementing state-of-the-art technology in our projects.

We want our realizations to help the users find the services and information easily, effortlessly and pleasantly. We feel proud whenever our work results in positive emotions and our realizations are remembered.

What motivates us is the idea that in our hand lies a part of the brand image, which may have been created by the work of many generations. This is a huge responsibility, and we keep our minds focused on it throughout the whole design process.

We are excited by new technologies and innovative solutions. We are inspired by people who are smarter than us. We evolve through new challenges and overcoming them every day.

Who we are

Hitmo is a team of creative people who believe that some things can be done differently, more interestingly and better.

In the last few years we’ve worked for many renowned Polish interactive agencies and have been involved in various projects for brands all over the world.

During this time we had the opportunity to learn a lot, meet wonderful people and visit some interesting places. A time came to use the acquired knowledge and expertise by creating a new brand – hitmo.

We believe that small teams of specialists like us will constitute growing competition for big interactive agencies, by responding faster to client demands and needs. Working more closely with our clients and their projects, we are able to implement/deliver innovative solutions more dynamically.

We consider ourselves skillful specialists in our field. Our designs are useful solutions, focused on achieving the client’s objectives. We always think about our designs in terms of your company’s tools, meant to be convenient and tailored to our client’s individual needs.

We don’t like marketing babble and meaningless advertising campaigns. Instead, we believe in clever and well thought-out ways of engaging the customers in brand-related activities by delivering fresh ideas and matching technology solutions.